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Viopsec Kalimeris was founded in 1965, by Ioannis G. Kalimeris, as a manufacturer of hydronets and spray guns. In 1970 he proceeded to the production of the first Greek plastic knapsack sprayer and in the same decade he managed to produce the copper sprayer type Vermorel. At the same time, it developed its activities, participating in competitions of the Ministry of Agriculture, being registered in the registers of the Athens Chamber of Crafts. In the 80's it proceeded to the first export to the United Arab Emirates developing its export trade and changing its distinctive title to Viopsec.

In 1993, the company changed era, passing to Nikolaos I. Kalimeris, son of the founder of Viopsec. Always remaining a pioneer in the field, it was the first to introduce the battery sulfur in Greece in 2003. The following year, it introduced the first battery sprayer. These moves, in combination with the strong collaborations of the company both in Greece and abroad, led Viopsec to the first place among the companies producing and marketing sprayers in Greece.

In 2008, he founded Viopsec Ltd. changing the areas of activity of the company, in order to cope with the adverse conditions in the Greek market.

In 2016, it proceeds to the establishment of the company Viopsec Kalimeris, thus connecting the long history of our company, with its entry into the new era, always ready to meet the challenges of the times, always by your side with new innovative products and the consistently high quality services that we provide.

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